Co-production and Organisational Development

Our experience of working at organisational and system level has taught us about the critical need for coproduction at every level. The wisdom of people with lived experience is invaluable in the design, delivery and evaluation of acceptable, accessible and effective services

Read more about Coproduction below and click here for how ImROC Consultancy uses 10 key challenges as an organisational development blueprint.

Over time we have refined our understanding and our facilitation of coproduction. Click here to read the ImROC briefing paper on coproduction and publication on coproduction in leadership.

We recognise the importance of working collaboratively with all stakeholders (including family members, community leaders, mainstream resources as well as service providers).

As an external and impartial voice, we are able to facilitate generative conversations that actively value the contribution of multiple sources of expertise in genuinely shared decision making at all levels.

Coproduction is core to everything that we do. Increasingly our skills for coproduction at scale are being recognised and we are being commissioned to facilitate coproduction for a wide variety of organisations – both as an integrated approach for day to day working and at one off events.

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