ImROC has been a leading contributor in defining and developing recovery focused culture and practice at a personal, team, organisational and system level, nationally and internationally.

We have a strong evidence based reputation nationally and internationally and have partnered with various national and international research partners to influence research and build networks. We have worked with the World Health Organisation on the Turkish Mental Health Strategy, on Recovery, Peer Support and Quality initiatives.

ImROC has worked closely with Health Education England on the national peer support (new roles) steering group, and with The Health Foundation on peer support.

ImROC has its own publishing house where a range of authors have contributed to a contemporary and challenging evidence base. Our Briefing Papers are entirely free to read and to download.

As editors of Mental Health and Social Inclusion, ImROC Consultants we have written influential and frequently downloaded editorials, and have co-authored research papers. on a wide range of recovery focused working and organisational design.

Important information on the ImROC 10 Key Challenges to developing recovery focused cultures can be found here. To make contact with the ImROC research team click here.