Celebrating ImROC’s longstanding relationship with the Welsh Health, Social Care and Voluntary Services Sector and the creation of ImROC in Wales

ImROC is working in various regions across Wales with both NHS and voluntary sector organisations.

ImROC has a long history of supporting Recovery Focused Practice across Wales with established relationships with colleagues within the University Health Boards.

There are now 11 ImROC Registered Peer Support Worker Trainees, fully trained and actively increasing the numbers of trained peer support workers across Wales.

In 2023 we are celebrating the Recovery College work that has been developed in Cardiff and Vale, the training taking place for colleagues from West Wales Action for Mental Health and the creation of the Stepping Stones Toolkit supporting the wellbeing of citizens in South Wales.

The Lead for ImROC in Wales is our Senior Consultant Liz Walker. Liz can be contacted here to discuss new work, the current work and future ImROC Developments in Wales.