ImROC is is actively working towards the equity and inclusion of its services, the approaches and its interactions.

The ImROC vision for Equity and Inclusion is:

To pioneer new and innovative approaches to mental health and wellbeing that redress systemic inequities, and foster agency within traditionally marginalised communities

The ImROC Equity and Inclusion 5 Aims:

  1. To grow ImROC’s understanding and awareness of how issues of inequity and inclusion interplay with issues affecting mental health and wellbeing
  2. To uphold a culture of compassion within ImROC that allows anyone from any background to feel safe, supported, and able to excel
  3. To strive to work in the most inclusive and conscientious way possible, recognising that equity and inclusion plays a role in all of ImROC’s affairs.
  4. To participate in and contribute to the larger discourse surrounding equity and inclusion through connecting with other leaders in the field and by developing ImROC’s own content and resources
  5. To use ImROC’s influence to promote beneficial ideas and initiatives, and to challenge misinformation and issues, in the field of equitable and inclusive approaches to mental health and wellbeing