About Us

We strive for systems, services and cultures to support Recovery and wellbeing for all locally, nationally and internationally.

We strive for systems, services and cultures to support Recovery and wellbeing for all locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Vision

We strive for systems, services and cultures to support Recovery and wellbeing: locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Purpose

We work in partnership with communities to develop systems, services and cultures that support recovery and wellbeing for all. We have been leading the way in recovery-oriented service and practice improvement since 2011.

Our Role


Originally established on behalf of the Department of Health to champion its ‘Supporting Recovery’ initiative, through a collaboration between the Centre for Mental Health and the NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network, we are now a quasi-independent, not for profit organisation hosted by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. This innovative new partnership allows us to cement our close working relationship with frontline providers of care, ensuring that our work remains relevant and useful to practitioners, managers, system leaders, local communities and ultimately, the people who access services.


Our role is about enabling people (who use services, work in services and live in communities) to unlock and pool the strengths and talents they take for granted, explore new ways to make use of them, share knowledge and learning, and facilitate recovery-oriented improvement in the outcomes and experience of health and social care We rely on and embrace the expertise, experience and collective wisdom of everyone we work with, and encourage communities to develop as a result. Our job is about using our expert knowledge to inspire others to believe that change is possible; pursue their dreams, and most importantly to act: changing attitudes and behaviours. This ethos of working in co-production is at the heart of our organisational work, and role models what we seek to achieve at a practice level too.

Thought Leaders

As thought leaders, we share our knowledge and experience through our extensive and growing suite of publications and products. We work with organisations, partnerships, systems and communities who are committed to transferring concepts and practice from the literature into positive, real-life experiences for people they support. We facilitate and enhance ideas and practice at local, regional, national and international levels. Our role is to create an environment where recovery concepts, leadership and practice can thrive in the long term. Our ambition with all our clients is to enable self-sustainability.

Our Strengths

We work in an asset-based, strengths approach to facilitating change. Looking back on the development since ImROC began we have seen a shift from:

  • Involvement to co-production
  • 0 peer workers to 500+ across the UK and many more internationally
  • Treatment to an educational and self-management as core practice
  • 0 recovery colleges to 40+ recovery colleges
  • Little understanding of No force first of to 15+ sites tackling using least restrictive practice in their daily practice
  • Very few organisations having a recovery strategy to most large providers demonstrably committed to recovery at all levels
  • Traditionally commissioned services to the development of co-produced pathways
  • Lived experience of mental health problems being a taboo to lived experience being valued and celebrated as a strength within the workforce