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Showcasing 2019 – Our work in pictures

January 2019 – Singapore National Council of Social Services, Consultancy Service on Peer Roles Integration

February 2019 – Upsides Study Visit Tanzania, Julie Repper & Blue Mills

March 2019 – International Congress of Mental Health & Psychiatry Conference, Braga Portugal

May 2019 – Bergen Norway, Kommune WAPR Conference

June 2019 – Workshop Leading Through Co-Production, Julie Repper

16th July 2019 – Herts Recovery Education Day 2, Toni King & Waldo Roeg

24-28th August 2019 – Sharing the joys and challenges of true co-production – Okayama Japan, Syena Skinner & Mary-Ann Cable

3-5th September 2019 – Showcasing the Live Well Model at #RonR19

12th September 2019 – Supporting Cardiff & Vale co-production and recovery focussed peer trainers, Syena Skinner & Waldo Roeg

13th September 2019 – Recovery College Action Learning Sets, Rachel Perkins

13th September 2019 – ImROC Recovery Colleges Learning Set

19th September 2019 – Trainers & Peer Support Workers final 10th day training programme in Leicester

8th October 2019 – Speaking at the Alternative Approaches in Times of Crisis Conference Southampton. Preventing Crisis through Primary Care Networks and Community development, Julie Repper

8th October 2019 – ImROC Stand at Alternatives Approaches in times of Crisis

10th October 2019 – Speaking at LPFT Recovery Conference, Rachel Perkins

11-13th November 2019 – 11th Congress of Intervoice, Montreal Canada

November 2019 – Opening Speaker at Family Platform Mental Health Conference Antwerp Belguim, Sara Meddings

November 2019 – Olso Norway at the National Peer Support Conference, Julie Repper

November 2019 – Visiting Amadabad Hospital as part of the Upsides Project, Julie Repper & Dominic Fannon

December 2019 – Graduation Support Training, St Andrews Northampton

13th December 2019 – Indian YMCA London, Learning Sets

13th December 2019 – Indian YMCA London, Matt Ellis Presenting Learning Sets

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