ImROC Peer Worker Critical Debate, June 2016

  • Should peer support workers be trained in ‘Management of violence and Aggression’ and be expected to play a role in restraint?
  • Should peer support workers be expected to work shifts?
  • Supporting peer workers to use social media responsibly
  • Achieving a critical mass of peer support workers in a service
  • Should peer support workers also offer ‘service user views / perspective’?
  • Keynote paper: Finding other ways of enabling people using services to access support from others who share their experience
  • Do peer support workers have a role to play as paid employees in statutory services?
  • A half way point: does it work to employ peers in third sector organisations for them to work in statutory services?
  • What does a career pathway for peer support workers look like?
  • Panel: Reflections, questions and discussion