Recovery College Action Learning Set

It is remarkable to think how far recovery colleges have progressed in only 10 years both in UK and internationally. The concept of recovery education has been embraced and the number of recovery colleges or recovery courses accessible across communities continues to grow.

At our international annual conference 2018 dedicated to celebrating the achievements of recovery colleges, we heard from many colleges about how they would like to come together on a regular basis to exchange learning, share ideas, develop our thinking further and hear about the latest research and evidence on recovery colleges.

ImROC’s background is firmly routed to facilitating action learning and supporting organisations and communities to establish, maintain and continuously improve their recovery colleges.

The Action Learning Set will be cofacilitated by Rachel Perkins, as you may know Rachel set up the first Recovery College in England and was also the co-author of the most recent briefing paper on Recovery Colleges; Recovery Colleges 10 Years On

Recovery College Action Learning Set membership

As a member of the Recovery College Action Learning Set you will have access to:

  • x 3 action learning set days per year where recovery colleges will come together and share learning, explore challenges and solutions, work collaboratively to drive forward our thinking nationally and internationally on recovery colleges
  • x 4 delegates places at each of the 3 learning set days per year
  • design and shape the focus of the learning sets with other recovery college members
  • network with other recovery colleges at the learning days and establish links to connect between action learning days
  • participate in an international network to promote positive practice and champion the impact of recovery colleges

Location and Dates TBC

The location will be determined by the easiest location for all members to travel to, for example a central location such as London. The Recovery College Action Learning Set will meet for the first time in early summer 2019. Dates and venue details will be offered shortly to members who sign up to join the network.

Membership Fees

The cost for a two year membership is £3,000 (plus VAT if applicable) or one year £1,500 (plus VAT if applicable).

How to Join

To join the Recovery College Action Learning Set please complete and return the booking form to We would like to begin coordinating the first meeting as soon as possible. Many of you have already been in touch to register your interest. In order to make preparations for a late summer Action Learning Set day we kindly ask for your confirmation of booking by Monday 17th June.