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Recovery: the Business Case and Co-production – Sharing Our Experiences, Reflecting on Our Learning

We are delighted to share with you the latest ImROC briefing papers, Recovery: the Business Case and Co-production – Sharing Our Experiences, Reflecting on Our Learning. We welcome your views on these papers and hope they are helpful in further developing Recovery-orientated practice through your current and future work.


Whilst the challenge – and importance – of supporting people with mental health conditions to recovery full, meaningful and contributing lives has long been recognised, there has been widespread doubt and scepticism about the most effective ways of doing achieving this.   Recovery: the Business Case rigorously demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of interventions and approaches that really do support people with mental health conditions in their Recovery.  It absolutely validates the ImROC ten challenges as a framework for organisations to improve their recovery orientation, and perhaps most critical in this time of financial austerity, it is clear that by supporting people to achieve their own Recovery we reduce their need for lengthy, unplanned and crisis led admissions.  We now have the evidence that Recovery focused services are ethical, effective and efficient.


Coproduction is a term we frequently hear and use. If we stop to examine the way we work in every interaction and every conversation, do are truly recognise everyone’s assets, engage in mutually respectful and beneficial relationships and actively endeavour to reduce traditional power imbalances? Co-production – Sharing Our Experiences, Reflecting on Our Learning is our way of contributing to the discussion on what coproduction is from our perspective. We have also outlined Top Ten Tips for Coproduction on page 19 to offer some practical points to keep in mind.


We recognise the immense pressures we are all under within the current climate. These papers offer a rationale and a reminder of why a Recovery approach is important.  Our challenge now is how continuously to take this approach forward. We welcome the opportunity to work with your organisation to translate these papers into practice.

ImROC team


Download (PDF, 375KB)

Download (PDF, 295KB)

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