A Recovery approach to employment

Up to 90% of people with mental health issues would like to work

Close to 40% are in paid employment.

For people with severe mental illness, it’s just 7%.



ImROC’s vision to support Recovery for All must including supporting people to reach their potential through their chosen route of employment.  We know there is a proven evidence base that demonstrates the value of having a meaningful role and identity on our mental health. The statistics above demonstrate how stark the impact of unemployment can be on our mental health and as a consequence the unavoidable economic outcome and demands on services.  If we support people to stay in employment and / or return to employment there is a benefit to the individual, the capacity of the service, the wider system and the local community.

At ImROC we believe each person has the potential and that our services, systems and communities can be facilitated to enable and sustain people to live the lives they want to lead.

We have a leading team of experts who specialise in recovery and mental health; who are well placed to advise on the theoretical and research evidence base, who have a proven track record of enhancing  services and systems to be mindful of and provide Individual Placement and Support (IPS), who can offer preparatory and ongoing coaching and mentorship to teams and individuals.  Each package of support is tailored to the needs of the service, system or community with which we work.  We combine policy, research and knowledge with practice and service improvement.

The Offer

We can offer you a combination of one or more of the following elements:

  • 1 x introductory workshop: recovery, employment and IPS. What are the challenges? What are the success stories? How to start thinking about applying the learning locally.

This is a facilitated learning event for up to 60 delegates. A full day workshop hosted within your site or at a central venue coordinated by ImROC. All materials and presentations included.    This will include leading by example as an employer.

  • IPS training – training for clinical teams
  • Fidelity reviews
  • Coaching and mentorship for IPS Team Leaders and Employment Specialists
  • Hosted site visit to leading IPS organisations

Learning outcomes

Gain an understanding of:

  • The strategic and operational practicalities involved in establishing an internal User Employment Programme, enabling organisations to lead by example.
  • The strategic and operational practicalities around developing high fidelity IPS services.
  • Understanding the role of the Team Leader and Employment Specialist and achieving effective integration of roles.
  • Effective partnership work between OTs and Employment Specialists
  • Recruiting, training and supporting Employment Specialists with the right skills and experience.
  • Building effective employer engagement strategies within employment teams
  • Development of case management standards and audits

Our way of working:

  • Values based.
  • Coproduction .
  • Practice based evidence.
  • PDSA cycle.
  • Locally, regionally, nationally, internationally

Specialist Expert Leads

  • Lynne Miller, Employment Services Manager, Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Rash Patel, Deputy Employment Services Manager, Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust

 Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust are a leading exemplar of Individual Placement and Support (IPS) 

How to find out more – contact imroc@nottshc.nhs.uk or call 07342070582