1. How can we influence policy makers, commissioners and managers so that far more PSWs are commissioned and employed across all sectors in the system?

Steve Shrubb and Julian Eve
Scribe – Kath Florey-Saunders Marlborough Theatre

2. Disrupting hierarchies in formal peer support what can we learn from the voices and experiences of diverse and historically marginalised wisdom?

Aman Ahluwalia Hinrichs
Scribe – Lisa Archibald Maynard Theatre A

3. Peer led visions for transformation: exploring the importance of spirituality frameworks for understanding and supporting people through challenging times

Katie Mottram and Ronan Benson
Scribe – Debbie Connellan Maynard Theatre B

4. Beyond Mental Health: exploring where other opportunities lie in order to increase the reach of peer support

Liz Walker and Jane Rennison
Scribe – Michael Ryan Maxwell Room

5. Do we need a peer support body that can represent Peer Support Workers; develop occupational standards, rights and protection in the same way as other ‘professions’?

Mel Ball and Emma Watson
Scribe – Emma Watson Marlborough Room 3

6. How can organisations better support Peer Support Worker employees?

Danny Bowyer and Deb Owen
Scribe – Sandra Hutton President’s Room

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