Facilities for Delegates

Water (still and sparkling) will be available all day.

Tea and coffee will be served at break times.

Lunch will be served at 12.40 and will feature the following menu:

Braised beef and smoked mozzarella lasagne
Salmon venezia with capers, sultanas, pine nuts, tomato and oregano sauce (gf)
Cauliflower, kale, sweet potato pasticcio with sun-dried tomatoes (v)
Rosemary potatoes and garden vegetables (ve)
Salad Meditteraneo (ve)
Tomato, olive and rocket salad (v)
Fresh bread (v)

We’re keen for people attending our event to have a space where they can relax and take some time out. That’s why we are working with EventWell, a company which provides award winning flexible and pop-up quiet rooms and resilience hubs, focused on event welfare, neuroinclusion, and mental wellbeing. These have been meticulously designed to offer a serene mental escape within a safe, supervised, and accessible space. These spaces are specifically tailored to support and enhance the overall event experience for individuals.

Conferences and events are vibrant and dynamic environments, brimming with opportunities for learning and exploration. However, they can also be overwhelming, exhausting, and triggering for many individuals due to the constant stimulation and outward-facing nature. Our quiet rooms provide a sanctuary where attendees can retreat when they feel overwhelmed or overloaded by the sensory input of their surroundings. These spaces offer individuals the time and space they need to calm their sensory and nervous systems, allowing them to decompress and find respite.

The role of event welfare is to provide emotional and practical support to all event attendees, including the event team. Even the most experienced event organiser cannot predict when emotional or practical support will be required during an event. Our EventWell Hosts are highly skilled in creating a supportive environment and offering essential assistance whenever needed.

An EventWell space, with a trained and experienced host as its cornerstone, offers a comprehensive solution. It provides all attendees with a supervised and safe space where they can:

Catch up on emails, read, take a nap, meditate, listen to music, practice deep breathing, or simply rest and take a much-needed 10-minute ‘brain break’

Reduce stimulation and triggers, effectively manage and regulate any sensory overload, and find a sense of calm

Engage in a confidential and discreet conversation with a safe person about any emotions, experiences, or observations they may have encountered

These dedicated spaces and trained team ensure that everyone feels supported, valued, and able to fully engage in the event experience.

ImROC trained Peer Support Workers will also be on hand to assist in the Quiet Space.

For this event the space will be available in the Chris Ham room.

We have set aside a designated family room, should any of our delegates require a quiet space to look after infants or small children. The Family Room can be found in Maynard Room 3.

Also available on the day will be a prayer room for guests needing this facility.

For this event the space will be available in the Maynard Room 2.

Event Support Team

The event support team is here to help you with any questions or worried you may have. They can be identified by the mango T-shirts they are wearing. Any one of them can help you manage the day.

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