We strive to support organisations to co-produce their own pathways and training and become self-sufficient and successful in their Peer Support programmes.

ImROC provides many cost free resources to get you started in considering the multilevel preparation that might need to be considered when developing peer roles in your organisation. We know this includes:

  • Recruitment, policy and HR prepared for the needs of lived experience folk
  • Understanding how to run equitable recruitment, employment and development that reflects the demographic of the service reach
  • Buy in from a strategic level
  • Understanding of the peer role, how it thrives and what are the challenges.
  • Team preparation for all teams welcoming peers
  • Peer informed supervision
  • A career path and progression for Peers
  • Peer role descriptions reviewed for each team
  • A critical mass of peers
  • Designated people to run the peer programme, not just an add on

Influencing culture and practice to be more person centred and recovery focused is  challenging. The ImROC team are here to offer you support to work through the unique hurdles and blocks each organisation could face.

Booking a free discovery call with one of our consultants and we can support you to explore what you might need to carry out your next steps.

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