ImROC has been delivering training since 2007 and has worked internationally in supporting organisations to embed and develop their peer workforce. The knowledge and understanding gained from supporting 100s of organisations and training 1000s of individuals means we can draw on this varied experience when working with you.

In 2020 ImROC responded to the global pandemic and transferred training into the online space and since then has trained over 1000 trainees in this way. We have learnt from each cohort of training and continuously adapt and evolve our materials, our wraparound support, the way we engage and include each trainee in ways that are led by them, with one main approach remaining the same and that is a strong values-based core to all delivery.

Our end goal it to support organisations to co-produce their own pathways and training and become self-sufficient and successful in their Peer Support programmes as we know that the organisations who are closest to those they support can be the best placed to provide the most meaningful and tailored support and connection into local communities.

A dedicated team of peers and practitioners deliver training from ImROC, training teams are created in response to the needs of the organisation and individuals. Trainers draw on their lived and life experience, their experience of working in practice, and on their extensive experience of delivering ImROC training in a way that meets the learning aims whilst adapting to include all individuals in the group.

The ImROC training team meets biweekly to reflect in a safe space where they can grow their understanding and knowledge of key debates, research, and skills and retain strong values focus to their work.

If you would like to express an interest in joining the team you can complete this form.

We will ask everyone to complete a pre-course questionnaire to ensure we are aware of the best ways to support you, this is also a commitment to a shared responsibility for coming into the training space and being prepared to consider and plan for how you can attend the course.

We have certain requirements for accessing and completing our training and they vary for each course. Requirements consider the course aims and outcomes, protecting a safe learning space, the needs of the individual, the trainer and the organisation(s) involved.

We avoid labels and diagnosis and use strengths based and inclusive language that focuses on the whole person and their unique experience.

We practice reciprocity, our trainers are not here to teach all the answers, rather facilitating learning from the whole group.

Sessions are in manageable chunks with regular breaks.

All training is delivery by experienced peers and practitioners and overseen by our Peer Leadership and Curriculum team.

All training is co-produced by service users, peer support workers, clinical staff and our curriculum and design team.

Co-production – sharing our experiences, reflecting on our learning.

Some of our courses are free – such as the Introduction to Peer Support webinar. We also provide some free offers to our training partners.

We do charity work with small unfunded organisations.

We are currently delivering a contract of training where organisations can access free Peer Support and Supervision and Team Preparation training through Health Education England. Organisations also gain a grant to build robust Peer Support pathways and structures when a peer support worker accesses our training.

We also offer a sliding scale of costings for some courses to ensure they are as accessible as possible.

As costing for organisations is such a bespoke process and we want to ensure you are making the most of any funding, grants, or partnerships we can offer or are aware of please get in touch and we can provide you the costings you require.