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New briefing paper: Recovery Colleges 10 Years On

In a short space of time, we have seen recovery colleges implemented at a scale that surpasses all expectations and precedents. Pioneered by Rachel Perkins in South West London and Julie Repper in Nottingham over 10 years ago, recovery education now has a firm, valued and transformation place within statutory and third sector health systems in the UK and globally. Read Recovery Colleges 10 Years On for all you need to know about Recovery Colleges.

At ImROC we are passionate about recovery colleges and praise the dedicated staff, students and partners for the real impact their commitment makes to people’s lives. Within the current climate of resource restrictions and pressured workloads, recovery colleges demonstrate the value of coproduction and self-management. As this paper shows, the evidence base for recovery colleges in constantly growing. We welcome the positive recognition recovery education embedded within recovery-focused systems is given by regulators such as CQC.

To establish, maintain and develop recovery colleges is not without its challenges. We are clear what an ImROC recovery college is and how this is distinct from other colleges, groups or services. After years of working with organisations to champion and build a network of recovery colleges, we have well established and effective ways of working with organisations from training sessions and consultancy support to peer reviews of recovery colleges using our key defining features.

In September, our annual conference will celebrate the recovery college movement across the UK and internationally; Recognising Recovery Colleges: 2018 Conference and Festival.  To register your interest please contact

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